Monday, August 16, 2010

i'm employed!

yes. no longer sitting around at home like a zombie waiting for Friday to come.
i am unbelievably tutoring Additional Maths, a subject that is meant to kill those weak at heart. after almost 3 years abandoning Add Maths, i had never imagine that i would be flipping through those pages again (and i still get headaches!). Add Maths aside, i still have English to teach. Tongue was all blah when i was speaking to much English to my students (its so weird having to say that).

people say Friday the 13th is a myth and all hocus pocus superstition. but last Friday, i beg to differ. Clumsy me dropped, yes, stoopidly dropped my phone w/out realizing it. went back to look for it and poof not even a trace of it.♥♥♥♥♥ you, baBe. thanx for coming with me and shamelessly looked everywhere.

I even had nightmares for 2 nights imagining all sorts of things happening to my phone. i miss you, we've been through thick and thin together (can't the blardy thief just take a look at those scars at the back and just return it to me?!) and now i have to accept the fact that you are gone just like that. i hope for the best and no misuse of content, for all i know, my face might come out in an ad somewhere.gawd plz no. coincidentally, i was checking baBe's old phone that very day i lost mine........and now that's the one i'm currently using.

seems my mum is getting tired of having to buy me a new phone (i don't mind if you get me the same model ba..) and since i am now earning a meek salary, its even impossible to fork out some $$. anyways, i found the phone model that i want.

apparently its a "Cheap Cell Phone version for middle class". bah. as long as i can afford it with my earnings its a Cybershot model, i don't mind.

wonder if there is a way of tracing back my old i shall.

till then,

Thursday, August 12, 2010

under construction.

blog will be under construction until i find the perrrrrrrrrfect blog template. : )

till then,

Thursday, July 29, 2010

been busy...

yes its been almost 2 months? i think since blog was updated. been busy during the last few weeks of practical. glad that is over. that aside, i was plagued by fever. really bad fever. TWICE! the feeling was so bad, i was so weak, everything i took tasted overwhelmingly bitter, even plain water. gosh, again, glad that is over.

so here i am at home, grabbing rather loosely on any job opportunities. its just so hard to get the right one. i don't want to be grabbing onto just about anything w/out considering the long-term possibilities.

.............and *drum rolls* i finally got a dslr camera that i was dying to have since like ever! dad got it at a very affordable and reasonable price in kL. thanx to his new found fascination to dslrs too, otherwise, i'd still be dreaming of having one. its a good model and its NIKON! need to get out more for more pix! but its been raining lately in the evenings, making it impossible to shoot awesome sunsets. for now, i have my little bro and sis and cats and dogs as subjects to practice on.

p/s i am craving badly for cp's kL rojak.ho hum!

till then,

Monday, June 21, 2010

I did it!

the sleepless nights, last minute studying, endless corrections, comments and criticism came to a rather unofficial end today.

i was so worried of failing any subjects in my final year but indeed, God is giving. Thank you. i literally jumped in excitement after checking my results. fuh~~!
baBe did equally well *hugs* i'm proud of you. all is left now is finishing my practical and awaiting convocation. mum is pushing me to get a job, like, A.S.A.P. when i myself am still lost in what i want to do next. oh well, as always, i go wherever life takes me.

thank you to baBe's uncle JB for buying us lunch today : ))).

hrmm..what else?

oh yea! tomorrow is movie day! sofie, zane, stephie and i are still contemplating on what movie to watch.
#1 Sex and in the city? majority voted no.
#2 Toy Story 3. 3D would be nice. hope the cinema won't be crowded. plz!
#3 The Karate Kid. okay, last option.

i crossed the road today! yeay me! i usually use the overhead bridge but today i managed to talk myself into crossing the busy road since it didn't rain today.....and i did. NOT something i want to do thanx.

Saturday: baBe's coming home!!! can't wait!  ♥,,♥


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week 5 (6) ??

Okay so i lost count of which week of my practical is it. only important date - July 24th (but its a Saturday!).

Been using the overhead bridge lately, and even on rainy days plus roaring thunder, woOT!

 my view from the overhead bridge.

this week i managed to skip having lunch at the workplace two days in a row. food stinks! but succumbing to hunger, i have no other choice. getting pretty good at choosing  safe decent looking food. 
 Monday lunch was at Ron's. Tuesday lunch was pretty spontaneous. Thanx Zane for bearing with me the hardships on that rainy Tuesday. We had to buy umbrellas just to get back to the car. URGH! i was so pissed at myself for being in denial that it wouldn't rain that day hence the decision not to bring the umbrella i had. note to self : MUST have umbrella all the time. Rain or shine.

My ever loyal lunch buddy.
Kuching Laksa. I love.


Father's Day in advance at Ron's. Pic courtesy of Ron's Mum.

♥ YOU made my weekend. ♥


Friday, June 4, 2010

"June Weddings at The Plaza''

I realized we got so many wedding invitations at home for this week alone. this weekend alone, 3 weddings already. Reminds me of Bride Wars "June Weddings at The Plaza'. 

Was looking forward to baBe's homecoming tomorrow but it was actually NEXT Saturday. woot! misunderstanding can be such a blow. too bad its not this week. i'm going to miss the last few days of Parkson sales. BOO HOO.

i hope it doesn't rain that heavy again today like it did these pass few days. thank God i won't be driving today. nothing much to do today. as usual, i'll be on the laptop watching vids on Youtube just to get through the day.

Thank You Zane for being such a sport yesterday. McD lunch is the best!


Wednesday, June 2, 2010

blog revived!

Since i'll be spending most of my waking hours sitting around during my practical
training (NOT that practical -_-"), i've deciced that those long moments of silence should be put out for the greater good.


Yesterday was baBe's 22nd birthday. i came up with an idea of surprising him with a cake so i conspired an evil plan with his mom. woke up early, took the cake and drove to his house. 

to my surprise, hewhousuallydoesntwakeupthatearly was already glued to the computer.DARN!

it was pretty sad having to see him leave on that same day ;((( but i'm glad he that he was secretly OVERJOYED about my surprise ;)))))))))))

birthday boy with his cake.

P/S must take more pix on important days.hrmph!