Monday, August 16, 2010

i'm employed!

yes. no longer sitting around at home like a zombie waiting for Friday to come.
i am unbelievably tutoring Additional Maths, a subject that is meant to kill those weak at heart. after almost 3 years abandoning Add Maths, i had never imagine that i would be flipping through those pages again (and i still get headaches!). Add Maths aside, i still have English to teach. Tongue was all blah when i was speaking to much English to my students (its so weird having to say that).

people say Friday the 13th is a myth and all hocus pocus superstition. but last Friday, i beg to differ. Clumsy me dropped, yes, stoopidly dropped my phone w/out realizing it. went back to look for it and poof not even a trace of it.♥♥♥♥♥ you, baBe. thanx for coming with me and shamelessly looked everywhere.

I even had nightmares for 2 nights imagining all sorts of things happening to my phone. i miss you, we've been through thick and thin together (can't the blardy thief just take a look at those scars at the back and just return it to me?!) and now i have to accept the fact that you are gone just like that. i hope for the best and no misuse of content, for all i know, my face might come out in an ad somewhere.gawd plz no. coincidentally, i was checking baBe's old phone that very day i lost mine........and now that's the one i'm currently using.

seems my mum is getting tired of having to buy me a new phone (i don't mind if you get me the same model ba..) and since i am now earning a meek salary, its even impossible to fork out some $$. anyways, i found the phone model that i want.

apparently its a "Cheap Cell Phone version for middle class". bah. as long as i can afford it with my earnings its a Cybershot model, i don't mind.

wonder if there is a way of tracing back my old i shall.

till then,

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Steffy said...

wui. d mna knun u jd cigu ni gene? hahaha

genes said...

eh? sy tda reply ka ni?mcm suda dlu.

ada tu tmpt tuisyen dkt ruma ;))

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